Linda Hogan: Hulk’s Hiding His Money!


Hungry for the latest in Hulk and Linda Hogan‘s divorce drama? Here’s the scoop: The formerly happy couple (picture above in better times) are currently bickering over Hulk’s cash. Apparently Linda is pissed because she believes her ex has handed over the the rights to his many brands, as well as the grill and energy drink that he hawks, to his best friend, Eric Bischoff. She’s freaking because this would mean there’s now a ton of Hulk cash that she can’t get her manicured fingers on. But Hulk’s lawyer insists that her claims are false. “There has been no siphoning of money,” he said. “If Linda has to ask again, we’ll be more than happy to provide the same answer.”

Meanwhile Hulk is angry too, accusing his ex of storing their furniture at her mother’s house, where he can’t touch it. Looks like both the Hogans have a serious case of ‘the gimmes.’ Perhaps they should take a hint from their mature kids and grow up a bit?  [TMZ. Photo: NFL]

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