While You Were Bowled Over By 30 Rock‘s Other Celebrity Cameo, Harry Anderson



  • Barack Obama is likely to be named Time’s Person of the Year. But SNL’s Seth Meyer brings up a good point, suggesting 2008’s Most Revered Lady Tina Fey for the honor instead. BWE’s choice? Joe Pesci (as is our choice every year.)
  • DEAR SWEET LORD NO: Alvin and The Chipmunks is releasing a “Squeakuel, where the Squirrels go to school and meet the Chipettes. Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens will likely play themselves.
  • Very little things in this world please us more than the following anecdote where Robert DeNiro makes fun of Ben Stiller for having a small penis.
  • WHERE MY SINGLE LADIES AT: I’m not gonna lie… the various games you can play over by spending “A Day As A Cat” at the Meow Mix website has easily made this my best Friday morning in decades. The sound effects alone have ensured that I won’t be having children for at least 20 more years.
  • CBS has given John Mayer his own Variety Show… Here’s to hoping there’s a segment where he just makes love to a handful of ladies real slow while playing acoustic.
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