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2008 was full of fresh celebrity faces. Blake Lively busted out as the sexy star of the hit show Gossip Girl. Hugh Hefner traded in 28-year-old Holly Madison for a brand new set of blonde girlfriends, 19-year-old twins Karissa and Kristina Shannon. John McCain picked more than a running mate when he tapped Sarah Palin as his vice-presidential nominee; he provided a colorful new character for 2008 who fueled tabloid covers, Saturday Night Live skits, and even a porno called Nalin’ Palin.

Although she’s generated headlines for a decade, a post-rehab and post-headshaving Britney Spears debuted a new, fresh persona, complete with a parental conservatorship, a new schedule that replaced nightclubbing with philanthropic visits, a composed VMA appearance, and a new album aptly titled Circus.

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