Scott Weiland Should Not Be Giving Interviews Right Now


It’s not what Scott Weiland says in this LA Times interview that will disturb you, so much as what he doesn’t seem to be able to say: anything. For instance, how did recent family tragedies affect the creation of his new solo album, Happy In Galoshes?

It’s been a, a, year and a half, where my brother…passed away…my mother had cancer, but survived…beat the cancer…and I, uh…my wife and I [undiscernable] there’s always uh…as an artist…there’s…I guess there’s…the bonus.

Watching him construct that sentence might be the longest forty-five seconds of your life.

Lots of artists complain about the road and being away from their family, but few come off as tired or as agonized as the Stone Temple Pilots frontman. “It pains me when I’m gone for a month, even…there, uh, um…there are differences…big, positive, amazing differences…beautiful differences that I haven’t been a part of because I’ve been…working…to…uh, well, to make the money.” Good thing you’re back on tour in January, bro!

If this clip wasn’t bad enough, Weiland also made an appearance on Howard Stern today, showing up late and pissing off the host. Check out some recap highlights of that interview after the jump.


Scott told Howard how he met [producer] Doug [Grean] in rehab and spent a short time talking about that. Howard said he’s sure that he wouldn’t meet anyone cool in rehab. Scott said that’s what ”Slosh” used to say. Howard asked him why he was calling [Velvet Revolver guitarist] Slash ”Slosh.” Scott said that Slash used to wear one of those t-shirts that says ”Rehab is for quitters.”

…Howard asked Scott if he’s sober. Scott said he hasn’t done heroin in 6 years as of December 6th. He said he’s taking Suboxin though. He said he’s on that stuff so Howard figured that he wasn’t really off drugs. Artie said that it doesn’t get you high.

Howard asked Scott if a doctor has ever told him what his problem is. Scott said he’s bipolar. He said he was also told he had ADD when he was 6 years old. He said that it might have changed things if they had put him on medication back then.

…Howard asked if Scott caught his ex-wife cheating on him. Scott paused and said ”Uhh…” Howard anted an answer but Scott wasn’t saying anything. Scott said he didn’t say that she did. He said that he can’t say for certain. He said he was sober for 4 years and then had a bender on coke for a few months. He said he told the band that he had to go away to a place that was away from the paparazzi so that’s what he did. He said he was there for 3 days when he heard that his wife had another man.

…Howard asked Scott if he still drinks. Scott said that he does drink and he likes Caucasians and White Russians among other stuff. Artie [Lange] said that stuff can lead to him doing white lines too.

Just in case you’ve forgotten what a fiasco Weiland’s recent reunion tour with Stone Temple Pilots was, here’s that clip of our hero falling ass backwards into the drum kit last August (the fall happens at 1:23). The band is planning a new album once Weiland finishes his upcoming solo tour, though obviously things could change for the worse. With Weiland, they could always get worse.

[H/T Idolator]

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