The 2008 Scandalist Awards


We’re not happy with the glut of award shows clogging up our TV screens. The Grammys? Couldn’t stay awake. The Oscars? Four hours of puffery. So we’ve launched our own annual year-end awards, and you get to decide who will be crowned winners on Dec. 31 by casting your votes for your favorite — or least favorite — celebrities.

The Scandalist Awards weren’t created to serve as a hype machine for celebs, but rather to look back frankly at some the people who fueled fun headlines in 2008 — from A-listers like BeyoncĂ© and Scarlett Johansson to D-listers like Kim Kardashian and Coco. And we’ve tried to create categories for your every mood — whether you’re feeling jaded (Douchiest, Boring-est, Fugliest), sentimental (Sneakiest Wedding, Cutest Kid) or like a horndog (Curviest).

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