While You Were High On Vampire Fumes At The Premiere Of Twilight



  • Looks like Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are sooo not in the mood for their own movie premiere. I mean COME OOOOON, it’s just a movie people. Calm the eff down. All this screaming is hurting our ears, dudes.
  • Scarlett Johansson took a hint from John McCain and referred to Lindsay Lohan as “that person” when asked about that notorious bathroom “Scarlett is a c***” incident a few years back. She said, “I don’t know that person.” What a comeback!
  • An Oregon woman admits to losing $400,000 to a Nigerian e-mail scam. Should there be a support group for these people? Hi, my name is Carol, and I fell for a Nigerian scam. Hi Carol.
  • Southpark’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone are working with one of the creators of Avenue Q on a Broadway musical making fun of Mormons. On one hand, I feel kind of sad for Mormons. An entire musical making fun of them? Is that necessary? But on the other hand…at least it’s an original musical, and not a remake of a remake of a remake, ya know?
  • Videogum has some more sketches from this weekend’s SNL!
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