Cheetah Girls Booted From Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade


Poor Adrienne Bailon. All she wanted to do is make sure she had a career beyond The Cheetah Girls. The Disney star, after taking a few steamy pics at home (What else could guarantee future work? Displays of artistic talent? Ha!), let journalists believe that there might have been nude photos on her stolen laptop. Then someone (maybe even herself) leaked the actual underwear shots on her phone, and the mouse-shit hit the fan.

While the group is still on tour through December, they’ve just canceled a high-profile appearance at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Macy’s blames “scheduling issues,” but the holiday still appears to be wide open on the band’s schedule. If the end of the Cheetah Girls’ tour is what inspired Bailon to take those snaps, maybe Disney is using the opportunity to bring the trio to a quiet, parade-free finish, and focus their attention on some teens that aren’t aching to get their ass in Maxim (like…uh…Miley Cyrus, who’s still scheduled for the Turkey Day festivities). Live by the sexy private photos, die by the sexy photos.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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