Brit Bashes Katie Holmes


You may have thought head-shaving pop star Britney Spears was a little too busy losing it over the past two years to pay much mind to the tabloids, but it turns out she’s been keeping up with Katie Holmes. In a clip from the upcoming MTV documentary about the singer, Britney’s seen out shopping with an assistant. She plucks a shirt from a rack, holds it up, and tells her assistant, “This is very mommy.” Her assistant replies “It’s very ugly,” to which Britney says, “It is very Katie Holmes.” BURN.

No word on whether Britney was shopping for that pesky custody trial that remains unresolved, but we think she could take a page out of the devoted bride of Cruise’s playbook, at least as far as parenting goes. On the other hand, these pictures make us think Brit may have a point.

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