Reports: Gordon Ramsay Cheating On Wife


Woo! It has been ages since the last proper celebrity sex scandal in the UK, but this weekend has seen one of our biggest and richest stars at the receiving end of a very juicy accusation. According to the News of the World, sweary chef and uber-brand Gordon Ramsay has been having it off with someone other than his wife Tana for the last seven years. His alleged mistress, Sarah Symonds, even wrote a book last year called Having An Affair? A Handbook For The Other Woman. Useful! Gordon has reportedly been meeting Sarah at various London hotels for “sex sessions” this past week alone, even once at the Marriott Hotel which contains his very own restaurant, Maze. And the scarlet woman was spotted shopping for vials of amyl nitrate before meeting up with Gordy-boy.

“Sarah said Gordon had specifically asked her to go to Soho and get him some poppers for their romp. He likes the buzz,” reports the paper (and many more salacious details, too).

While there’s always a neat element of schadenfreude to hearing of the possibility that a mega-rich celebrity who pimps out his reputation as a devoted family man is anything but, it amazes us just how famous people think no-one will ever find out. And we wonder how this will affect his relationship with business partner and head of Gordon Ramsay Holdings, Chris Hutcheson, who happens to be Tana’s dad. Still, the couple managed to do the requisite “we’re still together” poses for the paparazzi yesterday, although didn’t actually comment on the allegations themselves. We’re sure those happy smiles lasted long after the cameras packed up and left, yes? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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