Katie And Suri Look Like Victorian Beggars, Tom Praises Paps


“Spare a penny for us, will you sir? We’re ever so cold and hungry, and poor little Suri hasn’t had a new Armani dress in days! Ever so cold and ‘umble we are. Cor, ain’t it cold out ‘ere?”

Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise rehearse on the streets of New York for the latest Victorian-era Charles Dickens adaptation. Or at least we think that’s what they were doing. Otherwise, how the hell do you explain these sacks clothes? Or maybe dad Tom Cruise sent them out insisting they get more paparazzi shots for his photo album. Bizarrely, he’s been quoted as praising the intrusive snappers, saying, “I have to say some of those paparazzi shots of my daughter are incredible. As a parent you protect your children but Suri is a very open and warm child and she will just wave to people on the street. She is such happy, fun girl.”

Yes, Tom, she’s adorable. But don’t you think it’s weird that we’ve seen more photos of your daughter than we have of our own family? [Photo: Splash News Online]

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