The Plaxico Burress Scanda-List


Who is he?

  • Plaxico Burress, the New York Giants’ wide receiver, who happened to catch the winning pass last year to win the XLII Super Bowl.
  • A consistently controversial player, he’s been a burr in the side of Giants coach Tom Couglin and fellow players due to his attitude and resistance to the role of team leader.

Why is everyone talking about him?

  • While out at a New York City nightclub on Saturday night, Burress, 31, accidentally shot himself in the right thigh with a handgun.
  • Immediately following the shooting, Burress allegedly made forty minutes of frantic phone calls to attempt to be treated somewhere anonymously. He checked into a hospital, giving a fake name, and was released the following day. When police came to question him, his wife refused to answer questions or allow police through the door. He finally surrendered himself to police today for questioning.
  • Burress is no stranger to trouble with authority — throughout his career with the Giants and previously the Steelers, Burress has racked up fines for unsportsman-like behavior, making inappropriate comments to officials, and throwing the balls into the stands. In October he was fined $45,000 for poor behavior.
  • At the start of the 2008 season, Burress refused to attend training camp because he was dissatisfied with his contract. He felt underpaid, but ultimately attended the camp in order to avoid a fine.
  • Prior to the shooting, Burress’ ability to play in yesterday’s game against the Washington Redskins was unknown, as he was suffering from an injured hamstring.

Plaxico Burress Fun Facts!

  • In addition to the controversy in his professional life, Burress has had problems at home. This fall Burress’ wife called the authorities twice, obtaining temporary restraining orders. Ultimately, she did not press charges. [Photo: Getty Images]
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