Mother-Son Team Stalk Washed Up 80’s Rocker


Who knew Bryan Adams still had fans, much less crazy ones? A Romanian woman and her son have been lurking around the rocker’s West London home after meeting him in a restaurant and obtaining his autograph. Here is what an anonymous blabbermouth said: “They have become obsessed with Bryan, turning up at his house and stalking him everywhere…Bryan likes to keep a low profile and is hardly the most recognizable rock star. He was happy to sign an autograph, but this mother and her son have become obsessed with him. He doesn’t want them to get in any serious trouble, but he wants to be left alone.”

The cops stated that, “We are investigating allegations of harassment by a man in his late 40s,” which would mean his mama’s at least 65-70 years old. Clearly these two crazies are in heaven, and we kinda can’t blame them – Bryan Adams is surprisingly hot. [TheSun. Photo: GettyImages]

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