…OF THE DAY: Honesty Is The Best Gift


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  • IT’S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS: This holiday season, make sure the gift you give tells that special someone how you really feel about them – use this handy guide called “If Christmas Presents Were Honest.” (Holy Taco)
  • WEAPON OF CHOICE: When our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment, do you think “arms” included chainsaw bayonet-mounted assault rifles? (Buzzfeed)
  • IT’S LIKE A MOUSTACHE ON MY EGG…HOW DOES THE SAYING GO? On The Today Show this morning, Ann Curry shared a proverb her father coined, which involves kissing men with facial hair. Needless to say, it got a little awkward. (Videogum)
  • SCANDAL! NOT REALLY: Twilight star Robert Pattinson was seen eating a meal withs supposed Jonas Brother girlfriend, Camilla Belle. Don’t worry. It definitely appears that whatever baby Camilla has will have amazing eyebrows, as we originally predicted. (Us)
  • I’M GOING TO THE SALON AND ASKING FOR THE COURIC: Katie Couric got a new hairdo, and nobody likes it. Best critique I’ve heard so far: “I didn’t know Bruce Jenner was a newscaster.” Indeed. (Pophangover)
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