O.J. Simpson Sentenced To Fifteen Years


Judge Jackie Glass sentenced O.J. Simpson to a minimum of fifteen years today for armed robbery and kidnapping, following his conviction for the crimes in October. Defense lawyers argued today that Simpson had innocently tried to retrieve items stolen him from, and Simpson tearfully described wanting to rescue treasured items for his children (“When I came here, I came here for a wedding. I didn’t come to reclaim property”). But Glass refused to hear it, noting that O.J. sounded more concerned about the Goldmans (which he called “The Golddiggers”) than with saving family heirlooms in security tapes. “This was much more than stupidity…you went to the room, you took guns…you used force, you took property…and in this state, that amounts to robbery with use of a deadly weapon.” O.J. will be eligible for parole in five years.

While Glass reiterated that her sentence was not a retribution for any earlier crimes he might have committed, folks who have been waiting to see O.J. squirm in his seat will sure appreciate the smackdown she delivered.

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