While You Were Waking Up To Your Worst Nightmare And/Or Wettest Dream



  • Pamela Anderson showed up to a Miami art show with no pants on. I’m not sure if this is early onset Alzheimer’s or if she’s (once again) redefining the meaning of art.
  • Madonna has agreed to give £32 million to Guy Ritchie as part of their divorce settlement. Once again proving that I’m in the wrong business.
  • More than 450 Peruvian chefs and students worked together to make the world’s largest fish ceviche, weighing in at 6.8 tons, thereby making Peru the world’s grossest smelling nation.
  • Painter-turned-director Julian Schnabel is kind of an asshat. During his interview with Morley Safer on 60 Minutes, Schnabel gets all pissy when asked about his critics and just won’t let it go. It’s not a total “flip-out” as some people hype – but I always find it fun to watch d*cky / awkward interviews.
  • Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke has been fired from working on the sequel – apparently because of differences over the length of time needed to shoot the film. In other words, she wasn’t vampirey enough.
  • Here’s a video of the world’s smartest, most adorablest mouse runnin’ through a complicated obstacle course.