Gossip Geek: ’90s Spin-Off Just Someone’s Spin


Words of wisdom: if something’s too good to be true—like a Gossip Girl prequel set in the ’90s—it probably is. When Star promised a spin-off covering the romance between dad-rocker Rufus and mom-groupie Lily, we were psyched.

The show will focus on the early romance between Lily and Rufus. It begins when they first meet, during a time when Rufus and his band are at the height of their career. The show will follow the high society and rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle in New York.

Too bad no one told the CW about it. E! says the Rufus-Lily flashbacks were designed for a scrapped series of webisodes. Sigh! Maybe they realized the star-crossed pair couldn’t have sexed in the ’90s before marrying others if their kids are high school seniors today (do the math!).

Whatevs. Just give him a late ’80s mullet. Lincoln Hawk sounds more Richard Marx than Eddie Vedder anyway.

XDXD. Gossip Geek.

[Photo: WireImage]

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