A Double Shot At Love Factoids: Ikki Ikki Wanna Stickie


Last night’s episode of A Double Shot at Love With The Ikki Twins did not disappoint long-time viewers of the Shot at Love franchise. The second installment of the season followed the standard blueprint:

1. Forced mingling.
2. Guys act like idiots and set the bar high for the season with phrases like “Ikki Ikki wanna stickie.”
3. Make out sessions commence.
4. Guys and girls compete in an A Shot At Love-esque challenge, something to do with guys and girls trying to wet each other over a giant sheet.
5. In the second half of the episode, more make out sessions.
6. Hormones reach emergency levels, resulting in incomprehensible fight scenes.
7. Elimination occurs over suspenseful background music.

That’s your rundown of essential factoids. See photos below for a visual recap. Check out MTV for more on the Ikki Twins. [Photo: MTV]

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