Blogs, Leave Jeremy Piven Alone!


Jeremy Piven has left the hit Broadway revival of David Mamet‘s Speed-The-Plough due to severe mercury poisoning. The show’s producers told TMZ that Piven was complaining of illness since the beginning of the run, self-diagnosing everything from mono to the Epstein-Barr virus before doctors discovered his addiction to sushi was the culprit. “He’s a voracious sushi eater. I tested him, and he’s got a shocking level of almost six times the upper limit of what’s allowable,” said a member of Piven’s elite medical team, which demanded he leave the play.

While we have no problem believing that Piven is a high-maintenance kind of guy in the best of situations, we think bloggers are being a little unfair with the jokes about hypochondria, suggesting he’d do anything to get out of the play. Dude is sick! If you had a team of doctors saying you had potentially lethal amounts of mercury in your system, you’d freak too. So what if he threw around some different possibilities beforehand while screaming for his latte backstage? Would you immediate realize if you had mercury poisoning?

People that actually have to deal with Piven (in sickness and in health) can be forgiven for ribbing the guy, but there’s really nothing for us to call “bullshit” on here unless he shows up on a red carpet next week. That or if he intentionally OD’d on sushi to get out of the gig, which would be so awesome.

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