A Double Shot At Love Factoids: Boys vs Girls


A Double Shot at Love With The Ikki Twins – Episode 3:

1. Battle of the Sexes: The guys and girls compete against one another to see who is superior. (Blow-up dolls figure prominently into resolving this age-old question, obviously.)
2. Girls are better. So boys are banished to a faux “Trailer Park.”
3. Girls are rewarded with a sexy pool party, aka quality time spent with their clothing off.
4. Pool party gets dramatic, so Kali strips & dips to lighten the mood.
5. Vikki reports that she is turned on by “hard nipples.” Romantic.
6. Make out session ensues.
7. Another make out session inspired by that make out session occurs between Vikki and Rebekah.
8. Once that’s out of the way, Rebekah tells Vikki she’d rather be “besties.”
9. Contestants compete in a stamina challenge and fools get injured.
10. Trevor makes an astute observation: “It makes me think that I have a double shot at love here.” Welcome to the show Trevor, the show that you’ve been on for three episodes now. Welcome.
11. Testosterone rules during elimination, fists are thrown and tears are shed.

That’s your rundown of essential factoids. See photos below for a visual recap. And check out MTV for more on the Ikki Twins. [Photo: MTV]

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