Mexico’s Biggest Beauty Queen Busted For Drug Trafficking


What was Mexican beauty queen Laura Elena Zuniga Huiza doing cruising around her Western state with seven men (including her boyfriend), a stash of pistols and semi-automatic weapons, and $53,000 in cash? That’s what Mexican cops are trying to find out by detaining her for 40 days, pending charges of “racketeering, drug trafficking, guns and money laundering.”

If hot bad girls are your thing, you’ve apparently come to the right place. Laura, 23, is the reigning beauty queen in her home state of Sinaloa, and was recently crowned Miss Hispanic America. But Sinaloa is also home to some of the country’s most powerful drug cartels, and police are accusing Zuniga’s boyfriend, Orlando Garcia Urquiza, of being a big shot in the Juarez Cartel, which supposedly smuggles drugs into Texas.

Just how Laura connects to to the dirty drug world remains to be seen, but her involvement does put a glamorous face on Mexico’s gruesome and growing drug war – in which kidnappings, torture, and constant be-headings are now frighteningly commonplace. We smell a movie in the making! Maybe Laura could star – if she ever gets out of the clink, of course.  [Time]

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