LaToya Jackson, Verne Troyer Lined Up For UK’s Celebrity Big Brother


If it’s a day in the week ending in “y” there’s sure to be a reality show on somewhere in the UK, and we’re now imminently awaiting the Friday start of the new series of Celebrity Big Brother, where a flock of celebs get locked up in a purpose built house for a couple of weeks to ressucitate their dead careers show the world how loveable they really are. And – yes! – in addition to the British celebs that you will have never heard of in your life (Terry Christian! Ulrika Jonsson! Lucy Pinder!) are a couple of American faces, put there to liven up proceedings by looking appalled and confused throughout.

Apparently (although the program won’t confirm names till Friday) we are shortly to watch, around the clock, LaToya Jackson and Verne Troyer. Yep, the vertically-challenged actor with a sex tape and a taste for the ladies, and MJ’s lookalike sister will be beamed into our homes 24/7 should we want them to be. It’s everything we’ve ever dreamed of (almost) and we’re hoping to send you the choicest and most disgusting updates we can. Because we’re nice like that.  [Photo: WireImage, Getty Images]

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