Phit: The Spa For Your Vagina


2220663_scaled_186x280.jpegHave you ever said to your girlfriends, “Hey girls, you know what? My down-there could really use a rubdown and a salt bath!” Well now there’s something OTHER than awkward silence that will follow that statement. A trip to Phit, New York City’s new spa just for vaginas! Phit is dedicated to “pelvic fitness”:

The signature treatment will be a $150 gynecological exam — in which a client contracts her pelvic muscles around Dr. Romanzi’s fingers — to determine by feel whether muscle tone is weak, moderate or strong.

The spa will also teach women how to do Kegel exercises, which is like yoga for your cooter. Dr. Romanzi says, “If you can vote and you have a vagina, you should do these. It’s the dental floss of feminine fitness.”

That’s all FINE AND GOOD, but really, the name should be something way cooler. Here are some proposed alternate names for Phit:

Cooter Crunch
Bally’s Total Cl*tness
The YMCA: Your Muff Can Achieve!
New York Sports Clam
Jim’s Sideways Taco Fitness Center & Shake Shack
Gold’s VajayGym
Million Dollar Bush: Cl*t Eastwood’s Box-ing Training Center

(Via Buzzfeed)

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