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  • SKID MARKS THE SPOT: Rumor has it, Tyra Banks crapped her pants at Fashion Week. Make sure to tune into her talk show next week, when she teaches women that crapping your pants is totally normal, and proceeds to instruct us on how to be ladylike about it. (Gawker)
  • QUEEN OF DENIAL: Amy Winehouse was denied a Visa into the United States to perform at the Grammy’s this year. Looks like drug smugglers are going to have to find someone else to stuff their 4 foot tall beehives full of heroin. (Entertainment Weekly)
  • SKUNKTASIA: If Looney Tunes taught me anything, its taught me that Fantasia Barrino very likely walked under a freshly painted pole only minutes before this photo was taken. (TMZ)
  • OFFICE FIX FOR THE DAY: Angela Kinsey is pregnant! And, according to this interview, it isn’t Dwight’s baby… :( (Pinks and Blues)
  • IN A PERFECT WORLD: Chris Rock and Gwyneth Paltrow would actually be making out. (Popsugar)
  • IT’S JUST SO HOLLYWOOD: Vanity Fair’s Hitchcock Photoshoot is 4 parts beautiful/1 part aged Zellwegger. (We kid, Renee, we love ya!) (Defamer)


BWE’s Official Petition To Save Friday Night Lights

Help Save Friday Night Lights!
In a primetime TV landscape dominated by reality shows and reheated cliche, every so often a television series of superior accomplishment and rare originality comes along and challenges our conception of the quality of entertainment we can expect from network television. Shows like Arrested Development, Firefly, and Freaks & Geeks, to name a few. And when these special miracles do come down from the TV heavens and find their way into the hearts of viewers hungry for programming that’s actually worthy of their precious time, the ratings-focused studio Lords who giveth always seem to taketh away.

NBC’s critically-acclaimed but woefully under-watched hour-long drama series Friday Night Lights is the next great series facing cancellation far before its time. If industry rumors are to be believed, tomorrow night’s final episode of FNL‘s strike-shortened season could very well be its last, ever.

As fans of the show, and the kind of exciting television it represents, is willing to use our site as a platform to lend support to those who share our interest in keeping this vital series alive. Our Dillon Panthers Booster Club will be providing the Friday Night Lights fan community with regular updates on the status of the show’s fate, creating our own original content to help raise awareness about the great television so many people have been missing, and providing a place where the fans of the Dillon Panthers will have their message to NBC heard more loudly and clearly: “Keep The Lights ON!”



EXCLUSIVE! John Mayer Speaks: On James Blunt, Culottes… and Murder

For those out of the loop, pop megastar John Mayer chartered a Carnival Cruise to the Bahamas for himself and 3,000 of his biggest fans. And we here at Best Week Ever were the only people allowed on board with video cameras! Mayer, who I am now personally in love with, took time out of his busy balls-in-the-wind schedule to get within 30 feet of me for an exclusive on board interview.

He covers everything from his upcoming album, to cruise ships, to competing with James Blunt… even taking a moment to cover Britney Spears‘ “Piece of Me.” And oh yeah… we hug.

So check out my exclusive Mayercraft Carrier interview with John Mayer!

FYI: While I normally have what could be described as a “sultry” voice, a case of on-board laryngitis caused me to sound like the ghost of Paul Robeson in the above video. As of my last physical, I’m testicle-free! The fact that I didn’t show up in a gown and prom updo… well for that, I have no excuse.


EXCLUSIVE! Brian Faas Crashes a Colbie Caillat Concert

Our on board antics continue! In this installment of “Things We Did On The John Mayer Cruise”, BWE‘s Brian Faas crashes a Colbie Caillat concert smack in the middle of it, demanding to hear her hit tune “Bubbly.” Colbie was nothing short of a delight and a dream, and even dedicated some songs to our starstruck Brian! Grab your nearest shamp-flute and take a gand!



God bless Conan for not being too big of a bastard while the Great Throwdini killed some writerless time on last night’s Late Night, but my goodness, this was one of the most joyless segments I’ve ever seen on tv. If the writers don’t have enough leverage by now, my god…


Lost Recap, The Musical Form

From STEREOGUM — Everyone is trying to come up with the best possible way to recap each Lost episode. The number one honor, for the life of the show [as of right now] goes to Previously on Lost. Check them out, and their story, after the jump!

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CAPTION THIS: Roasting Stones

Um, hello, I am — er, Martin Scorsese, and I will, um, be your roastmaster this evening. Now, I, am not usually one to say that the Rolling Stones are, in fact, old, or something, along those lines, but, um, I believe that the name for an actual, physical stone that rolls — you know, as in, in motion — was actually, you will find, uh, if you look it up, named after them.



ICYMI: There Will Be Blog Parodies

As a huge fan of all things Daniel Plainview, I love pretty much everything about this parody video from FunnyOrDie, in which David Spade drinks our milkshakes by doing his best impression of Daniel Day Lewis’ legendary Oil Man in order to promote the Oscars. Funny stuff.


Radio Station’s Foobruary Promotion Even More Exciting Than Zepptember

Foo FightersWMMR, a Philly-based rock station, is currently running a promotion called Foobruary, in which concert tickets will be given out whenever they play a Foo Fighters song on Wednesdays, all Foobruary long!

The only thing I love more than terrible music puns is nothing, so my friends and I have been spending the last couple hours coming up with as many painfully awesome future WMMR promotions as we could think of. My friend Joe, who initially forwarded me this story, came up with:

  • Sufjanuary
  • April LaVigne
  • Gwarch
  • Rage Against the MAYchine
  • Temple of the AUGust (just “Hunger Strike” on repeat for a month)

I then added:

  • John MAYer
  • Billy Joel-LY
  • JANISuary
  • Faith No Vember
  • Fiona APRIL
  • AUGhat
  • Seppenwolf
  • Ganisis
  • Marchy March and the Funky Month

Our friend Nate then sent us:

  • AC/Dcember
  • Novempire Weekend
  • AuGuster
  • Electric JuLight Orchestra
  • Pearl Jamuary

I’ll tack on some more ridiculous ones as we think of them over the course of the next ten years or so before we get tired of this, but feel free to leave your best WMMR promotions in the comments! Best one wins a prize*!!!

(*my amusement)


The Judges Finally Weigh In On Paula Abdul’s Super Bowl “Performance”

Whether you were pulling for the Pats our you’re a lifelong Giants fan, the highlight of your Super Bowl Sunday was undoubtedly Paula Abdul’s comeback performance super spectacular. There’s really no question that she lip-synched and stumbled her way right back into our hearts, but what about those cruel American Idol judges? What will they think? Find out below.