A Double Shot At Love Factoids: Licky The Ikky


Instead of the usual factoid run-down, Episode 4 of A Double Shot At Love seems to merit a different kind of episode recap. Here are ten choice quotes transcribed verbatim from Episode 4. Enjoy!

1. “Walk on water. My last name is Lord and walking on water sort of runs in the family.” -Trevor
2. “Tonight we’re going to karaoke or like we like to say…Ikki-oke!” -Ikki Twins
3. “It’s kinda bothers me that Vikki is making out with Josh so much, like I know she has a connection with him, but she’s not allowing me to build one with him myself.” -Rikki
4. “I’m just really trying to get to know everybody by talking to them, but I think Vikki is trying to connect with them by making out with them all.” -Rikki
5. “Ready, set…lick! Focus on my nipples!” -Ikki Twin
6. “I went after that boob so hard I just cut my lip open.” -Scott
7. “Rebekah kicked ass. She’s kinda a boob girl, I was the vadge guy so with our powers combined we were kicking butt.” -Josh
8. “My tongue’s just raw at this point, but we weren’t giving up. -Trevor
9. “We got the lick-it ticket!” -Xoe
10. “I speak for Rikki and I when I say I honestly think the loves of our lives are in this group.” -Vikki

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