7 Things Less Twee Than Zooey Deschanel And Ben Gibbard’s Engagement


o5e53n.jpgLast week, the news broke that cute actress / indie rock darling Zooey Deschanel got engaged to fellow indie rocker Ben Gibbard. Commence She & Him / Death Cab For Cutie puns! Now I know your heart is absolutely breaking because this means you’ll never have Zooey (or Ben, if you’re into that sort of thing, i.e. wang), but come on. You have to admit. This is pretty adorable news. (And let’s be honest. The reason we will never have Zooey or Ben has nothing to do with whether or not they’re spoken for.) I mean, what could possibly be more twee than these two getting married? Nothing. But here are a few things that come close:

Dollhouse Wii Fit3a6b_1.JPG

This Video Of A Dog And Elephant That Are BFFs
(via Buzzfeed)

Johnny Cash Onesie2843366284_6993b30cec_m.jpg

The Boy Least Likely To Album Artwork514WK1ZV5ML._SS500_.jpg

Amelie Jr.

This Tiny Piece Of Food Sculpture3055313882_c252949285.jpg
(From Edith Zimmerman‘s blog, which is a twee wonderland.)

Hello Kitty Sushihello-kitty-sushi.jpg

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