The Best Joke Of 2009 So Far, Hands Down.


74226754a.jpgHappy New Year everybody! As you are shedding your 2008 husk to reveal the fresher, more supple 2009y you underneath, it’s time to get yourself a new one-liner. You know, that one joke you can pull out at just the right moment: whether it be the 5 minutes before a meeting starts at the office, or on a weekend brunch when you’ve finally got the table’s attention, or during those moments immediately following some intense love-making and you really need to lighten the mood. Usually this one-liner has a shelf life of one year, so it’s important to pick a good one. Well, never fear, because I have the PERFECT joke for you. My sister came up with this a couple of days ago, and I think she’s pretty much got a bright career ahead of her, if you ask me:

Where does the worst band in the world live?

Answer, after the jump!



BOOOOOM! HEYOOOOOOOOO!!!! YOU’RE WELCOME, HUMANITY! (If you don’t know who 3 Doors Down is, they’re responsible for such hits as “Kryptonite.” My apologies to 3 Doors Down fans…but can’t you admit how perfect this joke is? Also, you may have seen their commercial for the National Guard, which is a cheesy music video set to their song “Citizen Soldier,” and it plays before movies – a/k/a the exact time you want to be bombarded with a video making you feel guilty not only for not being in the army, but for going to see a movie at a time like this, you selfish A-hole! Yeah, how does that popcorn taste? Like freedom? Yeah, I thought so. Enjoy it, while our nation’s armed forces are out there risking their lives so you can add extra butter all over that sh*t!!!) Ahem. I provided the above animated gifs for those of you who would like to turn that joke into an e-mail forward.

p.s. binladen.gif

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