Chloe Sevigny Doesn’t Get How Money Works


Most of the time, Chloe Sevigny skillfully keeps herself out of the limelight, choosing to spend most of her time stomping around the East Village in trendy Opening Ceremony clothing. But every now and then she dons a bikini or says something ridiculous that makes our hearts flutter over her vapidity. Today, friends, is one of those days.

In an interview with Esquire, Chloe reveals that even though she’s been working in film since her teens, she still doesn’t “have any concept about how money works.” Allow the Oscar-nominated actress to explain:

My first job was in sixth grade, sweeping the clay tennis courts at the yacht club near my house, which I was not a member of. Always had to pay my own rent. But I don’t really have any concept of how money works. I don’t know how much things cost. Like a BMW. Or a quart of milk. It’s embarrassing. My brother, when he was a commodities trader, would bring me the pamphlets you bring home to your children, like, “Daddy trades orange juice.”

Here’s a simple explanation for the clueless actress: You get paid a lot of money to do mediocre work in movies. Get it?  [Photo: WireImage]

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