Rihanna Lays Down The Law On Chris


Despite being 50, it’s clear that Madonna is still totally kickstarting trends. One of the biggest “whaaa?” stories that emerged in the wake of her divorce from Guy Ritchie was The List. Yes, that list of rules that he had to abide by while looking after their kids, namely making sure they didn’t have any fun by not watching TV, only drinking Kaballah water and reading Mummy’s English Rose stories. Now the Madonna for our times, Rihanna, has issued her fiancĂ© friend Chris Brown with a list of similar bossy demands for while he’s off on tour.

“She has banned female members of his entourage from being alone with him in his room and said no girls can be there past midnight,” reports the London Paper, as well as insisting he doesn’t dance with any girls in clubs.

Apparently, Rihanna’s set to come back to the UK in time for Chris’s gig this Sunday, just to check up on him, you know. OK, we get it. Ladies, step away from The Chris Brown. His friend doesn’t like it. [Photo: Splash News Online]

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