Is Katy Perry The Latest Star To Fall Victim To A Naked Pic Scandal?


Paris Hilton. Vanessa Hudgens. Pete Wentz. Time and time again celebrities go crazy with the camera, and the result – pics of them in the nude – land on the web for all the world to see. X-rated site Fleshbot was recently sent this naked pic by a reader, alleging it to be of girl-kissing songstress Katy Perry. The most troubling aspect of the photo is not the subject’s identity, but rather if Perry is careless enough to get caught up in such a scandal.

Surely celebrities are warned of the dangers of the snap and shoot while standing on the brink of stardom. We’ve all seen the drama that goes down when a starlet’s skin is on display, so why are they still so tempted to bust out of their bras and flash the world? Not that we mind, of course. You’d just think they’d wise up.  [Photo: Fleshbot]

Check out the NSFW, totally naked picture on Fleshbot.

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