The Editor-In-Chief Of The World Almanac Looooooves David Cook


As I’m sure you’re already aware (because who here isn’t obsessed with almanacs?), there is a picture of American Idol winner David Cook on the cover of the 2009 edition of The World Almanac And Book Of Facts. Here to explain why is the Almanac’s editor-in-chief, Alan Joyce. Alan’s got a subtle flirt-with-the-camera thing going on here, and the music really sets the mood. Is it just me, or does it seem like Alan’s holding down an explosion of David Cook obsession while delivering this message?

I sure was delighted to see David Cook on the cover too! Honestly I was fully expecting him to say, “David Cook was the winner of American Idol, American Idol was the most watched show on TV…and I was really hoping that by putting the picture on the cover, David might return some of my phone calls.” Someone should do a parody of this. Now.

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