Who Does Sarah Chalke Think She Is?


Although some celebrities are just like us, some are just a little too full of themselves. Sarah Chalke stars on How I Met Your Mother, but we prefer to think of her as “the new Becky” on ’90s sitcom Roseanne, taking over as Roseanne Barr’s daughter when Lecy Goranson left the hit show. Sarah and fiance James Afifi were sitting in first class on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles to Washington D.C., as economy passengers continued to board the plane. A twenty-something, petite brunette was carrying her luggage onto the plane and chose to keep her sunglasses on as she moved back to her economy seat.

“Why are you wearing sunglasses?!” Sarah shouted at the unassuming passenger, which shocked fellow first class passengers, as well as her fiance, who was obviously embarrassed. “She can do whatever she wants,” fiance Jamie shouted back. Sarah, however, would not let it quit. “But why is she wearing sunglasses? It’s not dark in here!”

Other passengers were shocked at the outburst, as was the brunette, who kept her sunglasses on and giggled at the actress’ bizarre outburst. Fiance Jamie looked beet red with embarrassment. Perhaps her odd behavior is why he just can’t bring himself to close the deal: Sarah and Jamie have been engaged for almost three years, and have yet to set a date. [Photo: Getty Images]

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