Ted Haggard Accused Of Sex Act By Former Church Volunteer


More than two years after pastor Ted Haggard resigned as leader of the National Association of Evangelicals—after confessing to taking meth and having sex with a male prostitute—a former volunteer at Haggard’s New Life church has come forward with further allegations of sexual misconduct.

Grant Haas, 25, was first introduced to Haggard in early 2006. When Haas revealed he had been kicked out of religious school for being gay, Haggard began mentoring the would-be pastor. “In my mind, from a religious standpoint, I thought the Holy Spirit was speaking to him and God was telling him to help me out of this situation I am in,” Haas told KRDO-TV. Haggard soon began sending Haas 1,000 to 2,000 texts a month.

[Haggard was] texting me all kind of weird things, texting me about all the different sexual positions, practices he was engaging in and it was just really weird…From his words, [his lifestyle] was pretty much: Viagra, some poppers, some crystal meth, porn and masturbation, just doing all of those things at once…It was like he had two personalities, it was like here is this 50-year-old pastor who is the ultimate man of God and then, this 16-year old horny boy who couldn’t keep himself together.

That summer, Haggard invited Haas to join him at Cripple Creek, where the church leader masturbated in front of Haas despite the younger man’s requests he stop. “He kind of made me have a guilt trip about it, so I wouldn’t say anything about it.”

The New Life Church promised Haas a settlement of $179,000, but the victim came forward when they failed to pay his medical bills (“their main focus was to cover it up”). Brady Boyd, Haggard’s successor at New Life, claims Haas is only revealing his story due to a HBO documentary about the former pastor set to air Thursday. “Although there was no physical contact,” said Haggard. “I have regretted my irresponsible behavior.”

Watch a video interview with Hass after the jump.

[Haggard photo: Getty]

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