Idol Contestant Was The Female Lead In Postal


An Annie, an Osmond and now the star of an Uwe Boll movie. In a perfect capper to the audition portion of American Idol season 8, the judges gave a golden ticket last night to Jackie Tohn of Postal, the instant cult classic currently up for three Razzie Awards.

Tohn has appeared on everything from The Sopranos and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but her biggest role to date has been Postal‘s Faith, the bad-ass barista caught in a battle between a religious hippie cult, Al Qaeda, and Verne Troyer. Children are massacred at a Nazi-themed amusement park, George W. Bush prances through a field with Osama Bin Laden, Dave Foley shows his penis, Troyer is raped by monkeys and director Boll takes a bullet in the crotch. It even opens with a 9/11 joke! We’re sure Paula would love it.

If Tohn makes it big on Idol, expect to see her face slapped on Postal‘s DVD cover alongside the terrorists, Troyer and star Zack Ward (Scott Farkus from A Christmas Story!). If you haven’t been lucky enough to see the most offensive movie of 2008, check out the trailer after the jump.

We’re guessing this means she won’t be in the sequel.

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