Jessica Simpson Belly-Gate Hysteria Is Out Of Control


Okay guys, on the count of three, let’s all take a deep breath. Ready? One, two, three. Better? Good. Now we can all relax about Jessica Simpson‘s love handles for a little bit.

It’s not that we here at Scandalist are put off by media frenzies, after all that’s what we do. But the discussion surrounding Jess’ slight weight gain – enhanced by a few unflattering outfits  – has gotten so excessive, redundant, and just straight up cruel, that we’re calling for an end to the obsession.

The above NY Post cartoon is only a small part of the problem. We’re not sure if the illustrator is attempting thoughtful societal criticism or straight up misogynist humor (we’d guess the latter), but either way, it’s symptomatic of the problem at hand. It’s a lot easier to escape in the folds of Jess’s “fat” than it is to actually address the real crises we’re facing as a nation. And now everyone – from Today Show hosts to fellow stars – want in on the fun.

Hollywood stars – many of whom diet and exercise themselves into mounds of bone and muscle – are now giving the press the usual “You go girl!” comments in Jess’ favor, and her sister ranted about the weight drama on MySpace while then discussing her post-baby weight-loss plan with OK! magazine. The message – it’s totally fine to be fat, as long as it’s not me!

In her concert last night, Jess told the crowd that “I feel like in our world, we focus on so many things that are unimportant.”

The “fat lady” has sung, ya’ll. Belly-Gate is officially over.

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[Photo: Splash News Online]

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