The 5 Lamest Super Bowl XLIII Ads


In a sea of Super Bowl commercial hits, there are always misses that make us cringe from the couch as we lick the chicken wing sauce off our fingers. Here are Scandalist’s picks for the stupidest, snooziest and just plain lame commercials from Super Bowl XLIII.

  • 1. Teleflora’s Talking Flowers – When the talking flowers in the commercial make us feel bad while watching, you know the ad is no good.
  • 2. Really Vizio? You wasted all that money to bore us to death with stimulus package jokes? FAIL.

  • 3. Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes is going to rebuild fields for your kids – so that they can exercise off all the sugar they consume in their cereal.
  • 4. Scottish immigrant horses – The history of Clydesdales has nothing to do with getting toasty on good ol’ American beer, especially when those Clydesdales are Scottish.
  • 5. Pepsuber – Saturday Night Live sold out one of our favorite characters for a little bit of that sweet, sweet Pepsi money. Sure it was funny, but we liked it better with out the big-name brand.
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