The 15 Most Disturbing And Grotesque Moments Of Pete Doherty’s MTV Show


When MTV in the UK aired Pete Doherty In 24 Hours, we showed you the sad state of his bedroom. But there were so many WTF! moments that we haven’t been able to get out of our heads. Below, a list:


Pete’s surprised that he’s supposed to do a catwalk show for his mate’s label launch tomorrow night. So he practises his catwalk shimmy. Clearly Kate Moss taught him nothing. But he then does reveal she chose a Burberry shoot over him when the label gave her an ultimatum. Cold!


Pete shows MTV the cat paw prints that go up the wall. Only problem is, he can’t remember whether he did them himself or whether they’re real cat paws. Hint: most cats can’t walk vertically up walls.


Apparently, the house is haunted because Pete hears the sounds of a mad party which make him hide. Not that it could be in his head — it’s HAUNTED.


Pete reveals he’s also been scared by someone leaving “the rotten, headless carcass of a deer” in the house while he was out. We’re getting scared now, too. This is mental.


Pete shows off the bed he’s bought for his son Estile when he comes to stay. Even a messy child may turn up his nose at Pete’s idea of a “kid’s room.”


Pete opens a door into another room and lets out a yell. “Best not go in there,” he says.  All we can see so far is a paint-spattered top half of a mannequin. Blimey. What other delights may lay inside?


Best quote so far. “This is the cat’s room, really, they’ve taken it over. Hence the flies. But I suppose it’s my bedroom, really.”


Pete says the worst thing he’s ever read about himself was when the press accused him of injecting an unconscious girl with heroin. So what really happened? “Er, I don’t know, really.  It was just some mad thing – I always do short films about people killing each other.” Right, that clears that one up.


Pete tidies up! Woop! He gets a Hoover out and goes over the same piece of carpet a few times while camping it up to Queen’s “I Want To Break Free.” What a domestic god.


Pete reminisces about his last birthday. “What did you get up to?” asks the interviewer. “I can’t remember.” “Did you have a lot of people over?” “Apparently there was a few, yeah.” Sounds fun!


Pete’s got a prop idea to take to London for the fashion show. “No,” says his mate Anthony. “That’s a real human skull.”


Pete explains why he paints with blood. “At least I can say something has come out of the last half hour.” Yeah, boredom makes you do the craziest things.


Rocking in a chair, Pete’s freaked out by the sound of creaking. “It’s the chair,” points out the interviewer. “Oh.”


Pete fakes a diva strop when he gets animal poo on his hands. “I can’t go into town like this,” he squeals, mincing off through a field.


In the car on the way to London, Pete screams out in pain. And again. And again. Then he writhes around like a jumping bean. “That’s better,” he sighs. WTF?

Watch the whole show at MTV’s UK website.

[All Photos: MTV]

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