Idol Bikini Girl Katrina Darrell Debates Getting Naked


Wth bikini girl Katrina Darrell bounced off American Idol, who will Kara DioGuardi call a “bitch” now? And what will Katrina do next? A movie? An album? A naked photo shoot? A naked photo shoot? We’re guessing naked photo shoot.

“[I’ve had] a lot of different offers, like Vegas promotion offers,” Darrell told Access Hollywood. “Of course Playboy has called. “I wouldn’t say no, but at the same time I don’t want to stunt my career by jumping into that too soon and be labeled once again, as ‘just a body.’ But I don’t knock it.” Don’t wait until your fifteen minutes are up to say “yes,” Katrina! A month from now, Hef might not even remember your name.

If you want to hear Katrina “keep it ghetto,” listen to “Turn It Up,” her Ciara-esque ode to booming bass. But if you just want to ogle (like Simon Cowell, for instance), check out the gallery below.

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