Angie And Brad Would Rather Be Anywhere Than The BAFTAs


We speculated last week whether Angelina Jolie had turned into a fembot, and after watching her and Brad Pitt‘s series of non-reactions at last night’s BAFTAs, we’re seriously worried that it might be true. Either this pair had just had a row before coming in or they’re really lacking any sense of humor. Starring glassy-eyed throughout the whole proceedings and failing to raise even a perfunctory smile at host Jonathan Ross’s (admittedly lame) gags, we were seriously spooked by the robot-like twosome.

Maybe it was because Angelina knew her film Changeling didn’t stand a chance of winning any awards. Or because Benjamin Button was also a bit of a film-filler that night. Or because Angie realized trying to tart up her normal monochrome fashion palette with a dash of canary yellow handkerchief was ill-advised. Or because they’re not actually real people but are genetically-created stunning superstar androids! Yes, that must be it. [Photo: Getty Images]

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