A-Roid Is In Good Company


Alex Rodriguez is at the heart of yet another scandal, but this time it’s not about his penis! Not to worry – bulging muscles are involved. The Yankees slugger admitted earlier this week that he took steroids while playing for the Texas Rangers, from 2001-2003. “I was young,” he said. “I was stupid. I was naive.”

A-Rod’s drug use has yet to cause him any sort of real scorn, unlike Michael Phelps, whose being treated like an ax murderer after he was recently caught suckin’ on a bong. He’s even trying to deflect attention from himself onto the Sports Illustrated reporter who broke the story, claiming she stalked him. Right. But whether or not he keeps his lucrative sponsorships and makes it into the hall of fame is nothing if the fans hate you, and it seems that the self-absorbed star has already lost that battle.

At least A-Rod has an army of fellow roid-heads to cushion his fall from grace. We’ve got Hollywood’s favorite juice junkies and muscle-heads lined up below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy – and then just say no!

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