The 10 Most Special “Very Special Episodes”


Facts of life still.jpg One of the many Sit-Com trademarks are “Very Special Episodes“, where writers dropped the comedy in order to address the more serious issues plaguing the American community at large. And while the tradition continues today, it goes without saying that no “very special episodes” are specialler than those from the 1970s and 80s, a time when political correctness did not exist, but “kidnapping” and “rape” and “The Doobie Brothers” sure did.

Thanks to the brilliance of, is proud to present The 10 Most Special “Very Special Episodes”. We’ve cued up each episode to specific scenes, but in certain cases beg of you to watch the entire thing. (Specifically #1. Sweet lord.) So get your hoverboards out, and enjoy this not-so-relaxing float down memory lane.

10. Doogie Howser M.D., “The Summer of ’91”

What Hulu Says: Doogie turns 18, and hopes to lose his virginity—with Wanda—for his birthday.

What We Say: Poor Wanda. We hope she was the lucky one who took his front virginity. Also Neil Patrick Harris looks like a zygote. And remember, he’s a doctor. And Vinnie! This is tops.



9. Silver Spoons, “Me and Mr. T”

What Hulu Says: Edward hires Mr. T. to teach Ricky how to defend himself.

What We Say: OMFG SILVER SPOONS IS ON HULU?!?! sdlkfjslkdfjsldkjfskj! At 7:40, dreams come true when Mr. T rolls in looking FLY AS HALE. This is easily one of the best videos that exists online and in our memories.

The Top 8 Continue Ahead.

8. What’s Happening, “Doobie Or Not Doobie”.

What Hulu Says: The bootleggers force the guys into tape recording the concert but while everyone is jumping around, the tape recorder falls out from under Rerun’s coat and right in full view of The Doobie Brothers.

What We Say: The Doobie Brothers have been ripping off black music their entire career. It’s about time Rerun got something out of it!



7. The Partridge Family, “Road Song”.

What Hulu Says: The Partridge family becomes involved with a young, runaway girl.

What We Say: We’re preeeeetty sure this Grandpa character molested her? (chin scratching…) Either way, we believe this is the first documented use of the old timey catch phrase “Go Suck An Egg!”



6. WKRP in Cincinnati, “Les on a Ledge”.

What Hulu Says: Timid news director Les Nessman goes out on a ledge after having his reputation as a newsman – and his manhood – questioned.

What We Say: A Bill Nye the Science Guy lookalike would never be considered gay today… but back then, they weren’t allowed in locker rooms and tried to kill themselves. Also, we’ve been repeating a certain line from 15:19 all. day.


“A homo-sexual?” What does that even. mean.


5. Starsky & Hutch, “A Coffin For Starsky”.

What Hulu Says: A chemist seeking revenge against Hutch, mistakenly administers a slow acting poison to Starsky in “A Coffin for Starsky.”

What We Say: It’s refreshing to see people getting f**ked by the healthcare system nearly 30 years ago. Episode also features hilarious Sammy-Davis-Jr.-Esqe pimp and beautiful, soft hair.



4. Welcome Back Kotter, “WHODUNNIT”

What Hulu Says: Rosalie is sick of the Sweathogs making up rumors about her being “easy,” so she tells them she is pregnant and that one of them is the father to force them to come clean about their “fun dates.”

What We Say: Gives special meaning to the whole “Up your nose with a rubber hose.” (Wait, what?) And how did people not demand a Sex and the City-style Welcome Back Kotter movie is beyond us. ps Rosalie is a slootskie.



3. The Facts of Life, “Fear Strikes Back”

What Hulu Says: The ugliness of sexual violation rocks the Eastland School when “unlikely” target Natalie (Mindy Cohn) is assaulted on her way home from a campus party.

What We Say: One of the few episodes on this list to give us real, human chills. On the bright side, 5:10 features Natalie’s classic “Charlie Chaplin” impression. And you know what they say about girl’s in Hitler staches… they’re asking for it.


(To be fair, every single Facts of Life was a “very special episode”, but this one was more chill-inducing than normal.)


2. Who’s The Boss, “Samantha’s Growing”

What Hulu Says: Tony’s daughter, Sam, slips into womanhood.

What We Say: What little girl wouldn’t want to go bra shopping with Tony Danza? Watch this clip for the best “Cross Your Heart” joke you’ll ever hear. Also, that Monawhat a sassy bitch.



1. Barney Miller, (Ed. Note: Gulp.) “Rape”

What Hulu Says: “Barney seeks help from a female district attorney when a woman brings a charge of rape against her husband.”

What We Say: HOW IS THERE STILL A LAUGH TRACK TO THIS??? On an episode called “Rape”?!?!?!?! Seriously, we beg you to watch only to realize how far television has come. Also Jack Soo is a genius based on his credits work alone.


Honorable Mention: The Most Scarring Episode of Diff’rent Strokes Ever.

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