American Idol Recap: The Judges’ Mansion!


Paula, Randy, Kara and Simon sit in their red velvet thrones high atop the Hollywood Hills, ready to lord over the 54 remaining contestants. This was, according to Ryan, the toughest week of the contestants’ lives. We bet the contestants with sad back stories, rare diseases and young children would beg to differ, but he’s made his point, and to top it off, eighteen people are going home, including one of our most favorites.

1. It’s a Sing-Off

Seriously, the judges might as well have been yelling “Dance, monkeys!” at the contestants, the way they made them perform on a whim. By making certain contestants engage in a sing-off it was almost cruel the way they compared and contrasted some of them. For instance, when Simon debated between pink-blonde Kristin McNamara and tall blonde Jenn Korbee by asking “Do we want the attractive one or the one who can sing?” So okay, McNamara tends to look like a squeamish Muppet slinking in and out of the judges’ room full of nerves, but she didn’t deserve that.? In the end, McNamara is the one who will advance and, no doubt, get one hell of a makeover.

2. Enough With the Crying, Joanna Pacitti!

Pacitti has been a frontrunner since her first audition, what with her prior record deals and moderate success in the music business. Clearly she has talent and she’s gorgeous – but she has become the annoying talented girl who talks about how she’s not sure she’s talented. It’s like a sickness whose symptoms cause her to forget lyrics and cry all the time. If the only prescription is a record deal, could someone just sign this chick so we don’t have to see her waterproof mascara get a workout every week?

3. Be Fri Loses St End

Outside in the topiaries, Danny Gokey and Jemar Rogers awaited their fate. After Danny finds out he’s going to continue (yay!), we learn that Jemar doesnt make it (what?!). There has better be a wildcard situation to bring him back or we’re boycotting. At least his cheek piercing made it look like he shed tiny twin tears. To top it off, Tatiana Del Toro does have a place in the top 36. There is no justice in this world.

4. Sassy Simon

Simon sure was full of quips last night, starting with the aforementioned cheap shot at Kristin McNamara, and later he poured salt all over the wound by telling her that though she “made it through, I completely disagree with that decision”. He also delivered tough news to the rejected Frankie Jordan and her sing-off partner Jesse Langseth by telling them “Frankie, if it’s any consolation, you wouldn’t have stood any chance of winning and Jesse, based on that [performance], nor do you.” Our favorite quote though may have been when Simon told Tatiana Del Toro to “Just try for once not be annoying.”

5. It’s a Blue-Collar Off!

We know how the judges can pull the old bait and switch when it comes to their decisions – tricking the contestants into thinking they’re getting booted and then telling them they made it. It’s their thing, it’s what they do. But these sing-offs were pretty strict, one person stayed and one person went home until it came down to the oil rigger Michael Sarver and Matt Breitzke, welder. (Does it feel a little Flashdance in here?) In the end, even though it looked like they were only going to pick one hard laborer, both of them were chosen to represent manly men in the next round. Blue collar brothers don’t shake hands, blue collar brothers gotta hug!

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