Stars Offer Support To Chris Brown, Rihanna, As His Family Blames Her For Fight


With T.I. and Terence Howard stepping back from their initial sympathy and Jay-Z supposedly planning a fatwa on the singer, battery suspect Chris Brown is unsurprisingly low on celebrity support right now. Sure, Mary J. Blige has announced “my take on what’s happened is that they’re both young and beautiful people” and Will Smith says he and wife Jada reached out to both Brown and Rihanna. But you can expect that diplomacy to fade if his alleged history of abuse turns out to be true. Besides, who would want to blame Rihanna for the violence she’s suffered?

Chris Brown’s cousin, apparently. Phylicia Thompson wasn’t afraid to point fingers at the victim when defending Chris to Extra.

Chris was not brought up…to beat on a woman. So it had to be something to provoke him for Chris to do it. He wouldn’t have done it just to be having fun…But what happens behind closed doors, nobody ever knows. He might feel down right now because his fans are looking down on him, like he’s done something wrong. Of course, yes, he’s done something wrong because he put his hands on her, but like I said, you don’t know what happened. He had to be provoked to do it. Chris would never have done it.

While it’s good to know Brown wouldn’t have bit, hit and choked Rihanna “just to be having fun,” it’s hard to imagine what she could have possibly done to deserve such treatment. “She was going to call the cops” sure as hell doesn’t qualify.

[Photo: WireImage]

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