Totally “In” In ’09: Literal Vampires


OUT WITH 2008: People pretending to be vampires in True Blood & Twilight, pseudo-goth clothing associated with vampire subculture.

IN WITH 2009: Actual, literal vampires. As evidenced by these people from London’s Fashion Week:

Vampire Dude

Call me a fashion doodoohead if you must (please don’t, actually, I’m sensitive), but how does this outfit reflect “Fashion” by even the broadest sense of the concept? Doesn’t the clothing have to be at least somewhat plausibly wearable or indicative of a style or just something more than actually smearing fake blood on your lips and chest as part of the damn outfit?

After the jump, London answers back with a resounding “No it doesn’t, Dan” (semi-NSFW):

More Vampires

Boob Vampire

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