More Creepy Crap Unveiled For Michael Jackson’s Auction


Michael Jackson is selling off a stunning array of personal items, right down the gates outside Neverland Ranch, in a public auction next month. Last month, we shared some of the baby orgy decanters and questionable curios up for initial perusal. Since then, two more books of potential purchases have been put up on the Julien’s Auctions website. Now we can check out his outdoor statues of children touching each other. How can you tell them from the indoor ones? The outdoor ones are bigger.

If you’re looking for something more literary than a naked boy standing on a snail (but just as disgusting), you can purchase marble tablets graced with one of two Michael Jackson poems. Here’s a sample of his script:

Children of the world, we’ll do it/ With song and dance and innocent bliss/ And the soft caress of a loving kiss/ We’ll do it.

While traders trade and haggle their price/ And politicians try so hard to be nice/ we’ll meet on endless shores and float our boats/ We’ll do it.

The other poem is named “When Babies Smile.”

Jacko must really be hurting for cash if he’s willing to let this much circumstantial evidence go, but this is a godsend for collectors of so-wrong-it-hurts. The fifth—and final—auction book yet to be displayed concerns “Memorabilia From The Life And Career Of Michael Jackson.” We can hardly wait.

[Photos: Julien’s Auctions]

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