EXCLUSIVE: Ghost: The Musical Will Haunt Your Dreams


GHOST MUSICAL 6.jpgThe bad economy has taken its toll on perhaps the most precious of performance arts: That of the musical theater. Broadway sales are down, shows are closing left and right, and the industry is desperate. As a result, writers and producers have started taking classic films and turning them into classic films: the musical, in an effort to reinvigorate the genre.

We bring you this sobering introductory paragraph to kick off what is easily the best news you will hear in all — ALL — of 2009: GET READY FOR GHOST: THE MUSICAL!! Yes! The 1990 hit movie starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore, and Oscar-winner Whoopi Goldberg will be hitting London’s West End Theater District in 2010.

A Ghost Musical! This is truly momentous news. In fact, we were so inspired by the concept of Ghost: The Musical, BWE.tv went ahead and put together an entire set list featuring all the songs we dream to see and hear on the big stage. Take a look at our Ghost Set List, replete with Act I and Act II, and feel free to suggest your own song titles in the comments.

GHOST MUSICAL 9.jpg BWE.tv Presents: Ghost: The Musical


“Ditto Means I Love You”

“Unchained Melody: Let’s Make a Clay Penis” (extended version)

“Stolen Wallet, Stolen Lives”

“I’m a Ghost Now!”

“Willy Lopez and the Cat Attack (Instrumental)”

GHOST MUSICAL 8.jpg“Powerless In a Human World (and I Can’t Punch Shit)”

“Anna? Consuelo? Lucita? Julietta? Josefina? Linda? Maria? (I Knew He Was With His Mama)”

“Samweed Pays a Visit”

“I’m Henry the VIII I Am (Remix)”

“He Says Ditto! Ditto! Ditto!”

“That’s My Neighborhood (featuring The 303 Prospect Place Singers)”

“Have a Nice Life; Have a Nice Death”

“What I Wouldn’t Give For a Drag! (Just One Drag! Just One Drag!)”

GHOST MUSICAL 123.jpg “I Call It Autumn Sunrise”

“Molly… You In Danger Girl”



“Rita Miller, She Signs The Wrong Name (Can I Keep This Pen?)” (featuring The Bobbie and Snooky Chorus)

“Randy’s Got a Good Ol’ Head On Her Shoulders”

GHOST MUSICAL 13.jpg“FOUR MILLION DOLLARS?” (Dancing Nun Sequence)

“A Visit From Carl (Is Everthing OK? No.)”

“I Wanna Watch Love Connection!”: The Willy Lopez Funeral Song

“A Penny For Your Thoughts” (Ed. Note: Yes, the Waiting for Guffman version)

“I Kissed A Girl Who Is Also My Dead Husband and I Liked It”

“Ladies in Danger, Girl: The Carl Attack Sequence”

GHOST MUSICAL 14.jpg“Black Ghost Death March (Instrumental)”

“The Love Inside, You Take It With You (Finale)”

“Molly, You In Danger Girl (Reprise)”



Leave your own title suggestions in the comments.

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