Idol Recap: An Extra Wildcard Squeaks By


“Tonight it’s about us, believe it or not,” Simon Cowell told Jesse Langseth, the first contestant in the Wildcard Showdown last night, after saying her song was self-indulgent. We just thought it was boring, not self-indulgent, but Simon had a point, these Wildcards had better bring it because their Idol futures were in the judges’ hands. Those who didn’t got the old see ya later — including Ricky Braddy, Von Smith, Tatiana del Loco and Jesse “Self-Indulgent” Langseth. The four — yes, they let an extra one through! — contestants selected as wildcards are Jasmine Murray, Megan Joy Corkrey, Anoop Desai and Matt Giraud.For the first time ever, Idol has a Top 13 instead of a Top 12. Here are five moments we loved from last night’s show.

5. We Be Jamsy

“I’m doing one of the jamsiest songs around,” Megan Joy Corkrey said of “The Black Horse & The Cherry Tree” by KT Tunstall. (Side note: Our friend calls her KT Turnstyle, which is all we can ever think about when we hear this song). If there’s one way to describe Megan’s dancing it would be jamsy, so even though she made that word up, it actually worked for us. Simon is a big fan of Megan and he professed his love to her, as did all the other judges. She has a very Hollywood smile. Even if she isn’t the next American Idol, we can see her playing Kirsten Dunst‘s sister in a movie, if Kirsten Dunst ever makes another movie.

4. Jasmine Murray Causes a Fight

Poor Jasmine Murray. First she had to endure Hollywood Week by being on a team with Bikini Girl and Rose Flack, and now she has to put up with the clawing between Paula Abdul and Simon regarding her performance. After Jasmine’s impressive performance, her best thus far, of the Christina Aguilera song “Reflection,” Paula said that the song choice was good and the performance was wonderful. Simon told Paula she wasn’t giving Jasmine enough credit so Paula went crazy and started giving Simon what we used to call an Indian burn and what is now referred to as a Native American burn which was clearly disruptive and weird for poor Jasmine. I didn’t realize that kind of behavior occurred beyond siblings under the age of ten.

3. Tatiana’s First Appearance on This List, Which is Not Her Last

Tatiana’s pre-taped piece included this vow of love and devotion to America, the judges, and things in general in a never-heard-before accent. (Parentheses mean these words were spoken in a barely audible whisper):

“I am in love with everyone and everything that has happened. I have found love, God, I love what I do and I love to sing so much and I want to show the world how much I love to sing and how this means to me and to get a second chance which,  NObody gets second chances. Once in a lifetime. I’m ready to sing for you America. (Thank you so much).”

After she sang “Saving All My Love” for the second or third time in the competition depending on who you ask, Simon basically told her her chances were nil because she didn’t vary things up, at which point Tatiana collapsed to her knees in front of Ryan Seacrest and Kara DioGuardi yelled out, “Hey, this is a family show!” We’re not huge Kara fans but that redeemed her in our eyes, at least temporarily.

2. Tatiana Manages to Monopolize Megan Corkrey’s Big Moment …

… As well as another moment in our top five. When choosing between Megan and Tatiana, the judges chose Megan so of course, Tatiana once again made it all about her. She shook and cried in Megan’s arms, Megan passed her off to Ryan, and Ryan then passed her off to Paula. Tatiana approached the judges’ bench and Paula even went so far as to tell Tat she loves her, and the Randy and Kara chimed in with the love too. Since no one else in the room last night said it, we’ll just tell Megan “Congratulations” ourselves.

1. Two Boys, One Stool

The last two contestants to learn if they made it to the finals were Matt and Anoop. We fall into the Anoop-loving category and we fail to see why the judges love Matt so much, which is why we fell off the bed when they announced that he was the one going to the finals. Not a moment later though, Simon told Anoop that for the first time ever, it would actually be a Top 13 and he would be going too. There is some justice after all! Tatiana must be weeping extra hard at the fact that the judges made an exception to the Top 12 and it wasn’t her.

Final thoughts:

  • One thing we don’t get is why the live audience always boos Simon when he tells a performer that they remind him of a previous contestant. He’s mentioned a couple times that Von Smith reminds him of Clay Aiken and he likened Matt Giraud to Taylor Hicks and both times, the audience took offense. Don’t they realize they’re the ones that voted for Aiken and Hicks in years past? What’s the reason for the booing?
  • Just how many products made of diamonoid was Paula wearing last night? She gleamed so very much. So very many rings for Tatiana to kiss.
  • If Ryan keeps talking about people taking stools we might not be able to maintain the professionalism we’re so known for. We just hope the stools are stable. No one likes a loose stool.
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