Pete Doherty Claims To Be Clean


Has Pete Doherty finally got a grip? The drug-addled musician has given an interview where — shock — he finally talks some sense and admits that no one knows him for his music, rather than his headline-grabbing lifestyle. Only a couple of months after Pete freaked out the nation (again) with his erratic skull-loving behavior on an MTV documentary, Pete promises he’s cleaned up his act.

“They’ll be able to name ten things about me or to do with me or someone I’ve been with before they’ll ever be able to name a song. And that really is quite sad… I’ve come into my own head a little bit really, being a bit more honest and open, rather than hiding in a crack pipe or wherever and just not turning up most of the time. I’m off that kind of stuff. Complete abstinence is what they advocate — but the odd gin and tonic’s all right, isn’t it?” he says.

Pete has also promised not to “inflict” himself on any girls for the time being. And also hand his homework in on time. And tidy up his room. Good boy, Pete.

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