5 “Rings Of Fire” Better Than Adam Lambert’s


You have to give Adam Lambert props for novelty, but his version of “Ring Of Fire” on last night‘s American Idol was a little too Jeff Buckley meets “Kashmir” meets Buffalo Bill asking a mirror if it would f— him. We’ll find out tonight how well it played in Peoria, but we thought of a few arrangements that might not have made Simon Cowell‘s head explode. Here’s five.

  • Ray Charles, “Ring Of Fire”

So soulful, we can already see Paula swaying to this.

  • Social Distortion, “Ring Of Fire”

Adam’s the show’s token rocker dude, so it’s a surprise he didn’t bust out this classic punk take.

  • Dwight Yoakam, “Ring Of Fire”

Still country, but pumped up compared to the Johnny Cash original. The judges would have definitely praised him for his “range.”

  • Blondie, “Ring Of Fire”

Yes, even Blondie’s covered “Ring Of Fire.”

  • Wall Of Voodoo, “Ring Of Fire”

Ok, this would have done even worse than Lambert’s. We just like the idea of Randy Jackson trying to make sense of it.

Ironically, Lambert’s version was still more enjoyable than the one performed by last year’s Final Four in the obligatory Ford ad. What, did you forget it already?

Now let us never speak of it again.

[Photo: Getty Images]

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