Lady Gaga Goes Gaga For Prince Harry


Now that Prince Harry‘s single after splitting with fiery Chelsy Davy, lots of posh identikit blonde totty is lining up to be his new lady. (We can’t see the appeal of being married into the most dysfunctional family known to mankind and having your every action scrutinized by the tabloids, but each to their own.) And now, just like Britney Spears claimed to fancy Prince William years ago (before he went bald and er, so did she), preposterous pop star Lady Gaga reckons she wants a piece of Harry.

“I spotted him last year in a club and couldn’t take my eyes off him. British men are cool. I especially love the accent and Prince Harry sounds so posh,” she burbles.

Perhaps this isn’t such an odd match after all. They’re both famous, have terrible taste in clothes and are prone to saying very stupid things. [Photos: Getty, FilmMagic]

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