Why Aren’t We Hating On Ed’s Flabby Gut?


After all that drama about Jessica Simpson‘s minuscule weight gain, you’d think someone, somewhere would be up in arms about Ed Westwick‘s pasty flab-fest, which he gleefully flaunted in Miami. The actor looked less than sexy while vacationing this weekend with co-star/girlfriend Jessica Szohr, and the pair celebrated their escape from New York with some shots and booze at 11 o’clock in the morning.

We know trashing people’s bods is not a mature thing to do – regardless of their gender – but since the criticism of women isn’t going anywhere soon, shouldn’t we just start bashing the boys?

Ed isn’t just an actor, he plays Chuck Bass -  the object of desire for both men and women who crave a little hate-f*cking with a rich asshole every now and then (Blair Waldorf included). Jessica Szohr may not like her manipulative man-whores ripped and tight, but we sure do. And it wouldn’t hurt to toss a little of Lindsay Lohan‘s tanning spray on there, too. Give us something to lust after, Ed! Those tattoos aren’t hiding your inability to hit the gym.  [Photo: Splash News Online]

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